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Land your dream job.

You don't want to go in prepared only for the questions they MIGHT ask. You want to go in equipped to tell the stories you WANT to tell. We'll teach you how to do that.

About Higher'd

Helping women land high value jobs.

Best woman gets the job, right? Not the case. For the most part your success in landing a job depends on how well you interview. We can spend a lifetime developing our skills that will make us kick ass employees, but we generally don’t spend enough time methodically preparing and practicing for the application and interview to showcase those talents. Many people don’t know HOW to prepare and practice. Particularly for young professionals entering the workforce, marginalized groups with limited experience and opportunity, and professionals looking to move up into leadership positions. A killer interview can land you a position even if you are lacking in qualifications. The interview process is the beginning of your reputation within the company. When you blow the managers away in an interview you step into your new role with more trust from your managers and with more opportunity right away.        


What do we offer?

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I've known Crystal as a colleague for years and when I was ready to move up into a leadership position she was the first person I contacted for advice and when she told me about Higher'd I signed up immediately. We talked a lot and I had to spend significant time rebuilding my resume and really building my personal story and personal brand. This was a journey and at the end of it I was confident in the story I wanted to tell about my ability and contributions and I was confident in my methodical approach with my supervisors. In the end I am now in a leadership position and so proud and so grateful.

Mercedes Lopez

I had no idea how to prepare for the job application and interview process. I recently graduated college and my only other experience was my retail job that I had where I just had to fill out a paper application and got hired on the spot. So thankfully my mom knew Crystal and we got connected. It was a lot of work. I really wasn't expecting that. However, I landed an amazing job and I wouldn't have been able to do that without Higher'd! 

Kerri Walsh

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